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These are a few of my favorite websites...



-Tom Brown, Jr.'s Tracker School, the school by which all outdoor survival schools should be measured!  Probably more instructors of other schools have taken Brown's Standard Course than any others anywhere else!  The main school moved from New Jersey to Florida for the 2005 year.


More info on the Tracker by a man who has taken many of Tom's courses and lived an interesting life in Canada.  Also known as The Tracker Trail Website, .  Unique perspectives of the Tom Brown Survival School and helpful hints for survival and living with the earth.  A very helpful site with additional information not given on Tom's site.        


I was sorry to hear of the passing of Chris Janowsky, 4/20/06.  It's amazing how a good man can be lost so fast.  Thus ends the World Survival Institute.  Check out for Chris' WSI DVDs, etc.



-a very good site for learning survival from a military point of view, lots of tips and tricks from a knowledgeable man!

More to come...